MASTER teacher training

Module 4 (m4) – navakaraṇa vinyāsa hṛdayam
with Dario Calvaruso

If you are an M1 & M2 Graduate, you are eligible to register to M3 & M4 trainings.
Module 4 (M4) registrations can be done through the following link below:
(within the website)

Price for M4 = USD 2090
(Equivalent to, EUR 1940)


An immersion of 13 days and 14 nights.

check in: January 31st 2024 (anytime from 10:30)
Note: Lunch is served at 13:00 and at 13:30 then the kitchen will be closed. 

Training Dates: February 1-6 & 8-13, 2024 (9:00 to 19:30 everyday)
(Note: February 7th, will be a full rest day, where you are free to do as you please, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner will still be served that day.)

check-out: February 14th 2024 (anytime before 15:00)
Note: (Breakfast served at 09:00 and lunch served at 12:30)


This  Teacher Training Course will be hosted at “A Casa Da Terra”. A centre for activities related to personal growth in nature.
The venue is located in the beautiful hills of Galicia,  in the northwest Iberian Peninsula, Spain. 

(North-WEST of Spain)


This training will be in a retreat like format, where we will all live together in this Training Centre in the mountains of Galicia.
You can book your accommodation through us at MA•NA, via a bank transfer. You will need to coordinate with us before you make the payment to check room availability.


To book your stay during the 14 day training, please contact Alessandra Oram directly, or email us at:
Please let us know room choice:

  • Rustic Shared Rooms
  • Dormitory
  • Organic Bio-Cabins

The cost for your entire stay, for the 14 complete days, will be the following options:

  • STAY in Shared Rooms/ Dormitory:
    740 € + 10%iva: 814 euros per person
  • STAY in Double or Triple Cabin:
    880 € + 10%iva: 968 euros per person
  • STAY in Single Cabin:
    950 € + 10%iva: 1.045 euros per person
  • STAY in van or tent on the property:
    656 € + 10%iva: 721,60 euros per person

All tariffs are inclusive of: vegan lunch and dinner (no garlic, no onion / simple local and genuine) and check-in dinner and check-out brunch. Gluten free option available at 3 euro extra. All taxes included.

Room tariffs do not include: breakfast,  towels (you can rent it for 2 euro), personal care and personal hygiene items (e.g: toothpaste, soap, shampoo). Anything else not mentioned under “All tariffs are inclusive of”.

Meals: The price of room is  inclusive of two meals  per day. All meal are vegan (no garlic / no onion). If you have food allergies or serious autoimmune disease limiting your diet (e.g. Celiac disease, etc) you will have to check with our organiser before making your booking, if possible to prepare food options for you.

Rustic shared rooms

Private Room with shared bathroom (4 single beds): €58.15 / night

Private Room with shared bathroom (8 single beds in a double height space – 4 beds are in room below & 4 beds are in the floor above): €58.15 / night


Shared room with bathroom and access to additional external bathrooms (9-18 beds) : €58.15 / night


Single cabin (1 single bed): €74.65 / night

Double cabin (2 single bed): €69.15 / night

Triple cabin (3 single bed): €69.15 / night